wireless & fiber internet services


Tri-County Communications is a full service internet supplier, dedicated to supplying fast, reliable connectivity to residents and businesses in the North Bay, East Bay, Santa Cruz County, Santa Clara County and San Benito County. Including but not limited too San Jose, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, San Martin, Hollister, Santa Cruz.

full service communications


Tri-County Communications is a proudly provides partner solution with NEC. The NEC systems are sure to make your team more reachable, efficiently responsive and tremendously productive. NEC systems are great for the new trend of VOIP. Voice over IP is sure to save money and eliminate the hassles of regular phone companies.  

voice of IP (voip)

Tri-County Communications knows that businesses are always on the lookout for ways to increase revenues, reduce costs and stand out from the competition. Replacing your existing phone service with voice over IP (VOIP) will enable you to do all three by eliminating  excessive costs, and expanding your phone systems coverage to all remote offices or take when you go on vacation - all without replacing your current phone numbers, phone system or phones.

closed circuit cameras


With the increased inconvenience of theft, injuries, confrontations and other events that cause businesses to lose revenue, the increase need for Closed Circuit Cameras have never been higher. Tri-County Communications understand the need to protect revenues and with our trained technicians and our innovative designs, your protection will never "be in better hands" than ours.